Free Tibet reminds UK Prime Minister of prisoners being beaten to death in occupied Tibet, genocide of Uyghur people as he cosies up to Chinese business

                                   The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Image: Getty
DHARAMSALA, 22 Feb: Free Tibet, the London based advocacy group has reminded the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson of ‘prisoners being beaten to death in occupied Tibet and the genocide of Uyghur people’ as he declared himself ‘fervently Sinophile’ and determined to improve ties “whatever the occasional political difficulties”.
“When the Prime Minister refers to ‘occasional political difficulties’ he is presumably referring to prisoners being beaten to death in occupied Tibet and the genocide of Uyghur people,” John Jones, Free Tibet, Campaigns and Advocacy Manager said in a statement issued by the group.
The prime minister has made the remarks at a Downing Street roundtable with Chinese businesses, the Guardian reported and added that Johnson’s enthusiasm to rebuild trade links with China at a time when a growing number of countries declared that China is committing genocide against more than 1 million Uighurs in the East Turkistan will ruffle the feathers of at least some members of his Conservative party who have been demanding the government to take a tougher approach to Beijing’s human rights abuses.
The UK’s  Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab for instance will push the UN Human Rights Council to challenge the Chinese government on its treatment of the Uyghurs, including torture, forced labour and the forced sterilisation of women, his office has stated. 
“The Foreign Secretary is planning on challenging the Chinese government over its human rights abuses but he is immediately undermined by his boss cosying up to Chinese business,” Jones added.
“The government needs to get its story straight on China and start taking real action. It should start by banning Chinese official Chen Quanguo, the architect of much Tibetan and Uyghur abuse, from coming to the UK.” 
Additionally, Free Tibet has renewed its call for the UK government to ban Chen Quanguo, a senior Chinese politician responsible and the current Party Secretary of the so-called Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region for widespread atrocities from the UK. 

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