Freedom House lists Tibet second least free place on earth for 5th year in a row

DHARAMSALA, 5 March: Tibet has been ranked, yet again, the second least free region in the world for political rights and civil liberties by the US-based NGO Freedom House.

The rights group gave Tibet a score of -2/40 for Political rights and 3/60 for civil liberties, and an overall ‘Not free’ rating in its annual survey of freedom in the world.

For the fifth year in a row, only Syria received a lower score(-3/40 for Political rights and 3/60 for civil liberties) then Tibet from the total of 195 nations and 15 territories surveyed by the Freedom House.

In its report ‘Freedom in the World 2020: A leaderless Struggle for Democracy’, Freedom House stated that “China pressed ahead with one of the world’s most extreme programs of ethnic and religious persecution, and increasingly applied techniques that were first tested on minorities to the general population, and even to foreign countries”.

China, with -1/40 for Political rights and 11/60 for civil liberties is one of the 15 worst-performing countries in Freedom in the World 2020, and one of only 11 countries that Freedom House flagged for evidence of ethnic cleansing or some other form of forced demographic change.

” The progression illustrated how violations of minority rights erode the institutional and conventional barriers that protect freedom for all individuals in a given society,” the report added.

meanwhile, for the 14th year in a row, the report has declared that global democracy is on the decline.

“Democracy and pluralism are under assault,” the report’s author, Sarah Repucci has said.

“The unchecked brutality of autocratic regimes and the ethical decay of democratic powers are combining to make the world increasingly hostile to fresh demands for better governance.”


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