Geluk International Foundation to observe 2019 as International year of Je Tsongkhapa 

Geluk abbots addressing the press conference to declare 2019 the ‘International year of Tsongkhapa’

DHARAMSALA, Feb 22: The Geluk International Foundation has announced to observe 2019 as ‘International year of Tsongkhapa’ to commemorate 600th death anniversary of the founding father of the Geluk Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

The foundation has earmarked 2019 as ‘International year of Tsongkhapa’ in recognition of the extraordinary contribution made to the world by its founder and renowned 14th century Tibetan Buddhist master Tsongkhapa.

“We will commemorate the 6th death centenary of Je Tsongkhapa Lobsang Dragpa this year to express our gratitude for the founder of Geluk tradition with our leaders, supporters, followers, devotees and guests from all over the world,” the foundation announced earlier today at a press conference held at the Library of Namgyal monastery here in Dharamsala.

The press conference was attended by among others, eleven abbots from Gelug monasteries and two Geluk parliamentarians attended the press conference.

The Geluk International Foundation further urged all the followers of the tradition and its well-wishers to render their support in spreading awareness of the eloquent teachings and writings of the great Master Tsongkhapa throughout the world and encouraged Geluk monasteries, centres, organisations, individuals and admirers worldwide to initiate special activities throughout the year 2019.

The Geluk International Foundation’s full list of programs and activities to commemorate the 600th death anniversary Je Tsongkhapa.

The foundation has lined up a host of programs which includes debates, essay competition, teachings, publishing books, and recitation of Migtsema (a hymn prayer to the Great Master Tsongkhapa) among others.

The Geluk International Foundation was established at the beginning of the 21st century to promote, propagate, develop, enrich and preserve the Geluk tradition.

The foundation is also committed to improving the world through accepting the oneness of entire human beings and to cultivating human spiritual inner values rather than material values

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