His Holiness begins three days teaching to Taiwanese devotees

His Holiness the Dalai Lama addressing the devotees during the first day of the teaching at the Tsug-lag-Khang. Image: OHHDL.

DHARAMSALA, 3 Oct: His Holiness the Dalai Lama began three-day teaching today at Tsug-lag-Khang, the main temple in McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala.

The Dalai Lama began by greeting and welcoming all the devotees who have braced all the odds and came from different parts of the world.

“The purpose of us gathering here today is to learn about how we can transform our mind based on the teaching of the Buddha,” the Dalai Lama said as he greeted and welcomed all the devotees.

Ahead of the actual discourse on Nagarjuna’s Precious Garland of the Middle Way (uma rinchen trengwa), the Tibetan spiritual leader began his introductory teaching by emphasizing the importance of developing and cultivating peace of mind and said that constant anger, hatred, jealousy and all the negative energies are not just disturbing our peace of mind but also eating our immune system and disturbing our physical elements as suggested by scientific findings.

“Since we all want happiness and not suffering, it is very important to develop and cultivate peace of mind,” the His Holiness said.

His Holiness then spoke on the oneness of the entire human being and the dependence of eastern countries to the western countries, northern countries to that of southern and vice versa.

“It is very important to think of the entire seven billion humans as one big family,” the Dalai said and added that since us humans are a social animal we have to rely on the community that we live in for our survival right from our birth.

The Tibetan Nobel Laureate then spoke about the message and the teachings of the major religious traditions.

“All religions preach love and compassion because all these religions are related to human society. Love and compassion are the two most important thing in human society,” the Dalai Lama added.

The morning teachings from 3-5 Oct. is being held at the request of a group from Taiwan. While the Dalai Lama conducted the teaching in Tibetan, translations are available in English, Chinese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Mongolian Spanish, German and French.

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