India set to forego mandatory ‘Exit Permit’ required by Tibetans to travel abroad

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, Oct 23: India is set to forego the redundant procedure of procuring mandatory ‘Exit Permit’ by Tibetan refugees seeking to travel abroad, according to a report on The Hindu.

The central government wants to do away with the redundant procedure of procuring ‘Exit permit by the Tibetan refugees in India to travel foreign countries, the report said quoting a senior government official.

yellowbook“The present rules are such that a Tibetan refugee has to apply for an exit permit every time he or she has to travel abroad. Since identity certificates are issued after carrying out due diligence and background check, the exit permit is an unnecessary requirement,” the official was further quoted as saying in the report.

The official further stated that the Home Ministry would soon get approval from the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) and the Ministry of External Affairs will then issue a notification informing all foreign missions of the exit permit clause being removed.

The government of India issues an Identity Certificate(IC), popularly known as the ‘Yellow Book’ as a travel document that allows Tibetans to travel abroad. However, Tibetan refugees have to undergo a lengthy procedure to travel abroad which includes redundant procedures such as acquiring ‘Exit Permit’ and ‘Return Visa’.