Kirti monk arrested for lone protest in restive Ngaba county

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, June 8: A Tibetan monk from Kirti monastery has been arrested by Chinese police for protesting against the Chinese government in Ngaba County in the traditional Tibetan province of Amdo yesterday.

lobsang_tsering1_2016_6_7Lobsang Tsering, a monk from Kirti monastery took to the streets of Ngaba county in the afternoon around 4pm (local time), the lone protester had a framed pictured of His Holiness adorned with yellow khatak (Tibetan ceremonial scarf) raised above his head and shouted slogans such as “long live His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Free Tibet.”

Within minutes into his peace march, Lobsang was arrested by the Chinese police; his whereabouts remains unknown.

lobsang_tsering_2016_6_7Lobsang Tsering, son of Sherab and Yougho hails from Ngaba’s Lhade Ghabma township. He belongs to kirti’s Dhoekhor monastery, according to Lobsang Yeshi and Kanyak Tsering, spokespersons of Kirti monastery in Dharamsala who have contacts inside Tibet.

Earlier on May 2, 2016 another Kirti monk was arrested by Chinese police in restive Ngaba county in Amdo for carrying out a lone protests against China’s continued repressive rule in Tibet whose whereabouts still remains unknown.