Knife fight between two Tibetan men leaves one dead and other in critical condition

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, June 6: Two Tibetans stabbed each other over an old dispute in a fight at Samyeling Tibetan settlement in Majnuka-Tilla, Delhi today in the morning.

dilllllSonam Tsering from Bylakupee Tibetan settlement and Tashi from Samyeling Tibetan settlement in Majnuka- Tilla, wielded knife during the fracas and fatally stabbed each other in the narrow lanes of the Tibetan settlement.

The fight transpired between the two to settle score as Tashi was reportedly stabbed twice by Sonam Tsering in an earlier brawl.

It is being confirmed that Sonam Tsering died en route to the hospital while the Tashi is said to be in critical condition battling for his life.

Sonam Tsering and Tashi both came from Tibet and run their business in Bylakupee and Delhi respectively.

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