Rights group releases Tibet report

SHIMLA, Feb 23: The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD), which released its 2015 annual report on Friday has documented two prime developments — China’s attempt to include “legal justifications for repression” and the sinister effort of the Chinese government that “prioritised rhetoric over substance”.

The 194-page report encompassed detailed research material with chapters on religious freedom, rightsto privacy and chilling effects, environment, civil and political rights and international community.

TCHRD director Tsering Tsomo in a press release said, “In 2015, China passed laws on national security and counter-terrorism that appear to do little but provide China with a convenient pretext to continue violating human rights. Moreover, China failed to implement any measures that contribute positively to the degrading ecosystem which many experts say is “irreversible” by pursuing a policy of prioritising rhetoric over substance.”

TCHRD also condemned China’s continued violation of international law, which as a result, led to increased issues involving Tibet to become issues of international concern in the past year.

“Religious figures were targeted for disappearance, detention, and, sometimes, death. Local Chinese police also detained monks and laypeople, and in many cases, they used pretence to detain community leaders, who are frequently religious leaders,” the press release stated.

It further drew attention towards the accelerating environmental destruction and climate change taking place in Tibet.



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