Secretary Kerry raises Tibet issue with Chinese leaders

DHARAMSALA, Feb 15: In his latest visit to China, US Secretary of State, John Kerry on Feb 14 raised concern over deteriorating human rights condition in Tibet and Xinjiang with senior Chinese leaders among other issues of US concern such as denuclearization of North Korea, easing tensions in East and South China Sea, finding political solutions to civil war in Syria and issues pertaining to climate change.

In talks with the Chinese President Xi jinping, State Councilor Yang Jiechi and Foreign Minister Wang Yi during his two-day visit to the Chinese capital, Secretary Kerry emphasised that Human rights and “the free flow of information” are paramount for an open society.

“We had a frank discussion about some human rights challenges and the role of rule of law and the free flow of information in a robust, civil society; the challenges of the cyber-world that we live in today,” Kerry told reporters.

“I emphasized that respect for human rights and the exchange of information in a free manner contributes to the strength of a society in a country. Recent arrests of peaceful advocates for reform run counter, in our judgment, to all of our best interests and the ability to make long term progress. I emphasized that the United States remains concerned about these situations here in China, human rights situations – especially with respect to the Tibetan and Uighur areas,” the secretary of state added.

This is Secretary Kerry’s second visit to China and fifth to Asia since he took office in February last year.


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