SFT demands release of all Tibetan political prisoners on World Human Rights Day

DHARAMSALA, Dec 11: Students for a Free Tibet-India held an event calling for the release of all the Tibetan political prisoners in Tibet to mark World Human Rights Day on Dec 10.

IMG_0037Members and volunteers of the student organization collected signatures from the public to call for the release of all 2110 Tibetan political prisoners with a special focus on the release of Khenpo Kartse who is said to be in critical health condition.

Khenpo Kartse, a prominent Tibetan abbot known for his efforts to promote and protect Tibetan language, culture and religion has already served two years of his two and half years’ prison term.

IMG_0063Khenpo Kartse was taken into custody on Dec 6, 2013 in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province and later sentenced to two and half years’ imprisonment for allegedly harboring a fugitive monk linked to a bombing incident.

“We have organized this event to highlight the plight of all 2110 known Tibetan political prisoners currently languishing in Chinese prisons. We demand the Chinese government to release all the Tibetan political prisoners, especially Khenpo Kartse who is reported to be seriously ill with liver and lungs problems. It is reported that he has been coughing up blood and has pains in his back and waist. He has been denied access to his doctor and family,” said SFT-India Director Tenzin Tselha.


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