Suspected Chinese spy out on bail rearrested for ‘running hawala network’

DHARAMSALA, 13 Aug: A Suspected Chinese spy out on bail was arrested again in a raid by the Income Tax(IT) Department allegedly for ‘running a hawala network for Chinese companies.’

A Chinese national, now identified as Lou Sang was rearrested and booked for money laundering on Tuesday after the IT department acted on intelligence input and conducted searches in 21 locations in Delhi, Ghaziabad and Gurugram, media reports said.

“Based on the credible information that few Chinese individuals and their Indian associates were involved in money laundering and hawala transactions through series of shell entities, a search action was mounted at various premises of these Chinese entities, their close confederates and couple of bank employees,” the IT Department stated in a statement issued after the raids.

He is now said to be under the scanner of multiple probe agencies as it is being alleged that he works for “Chinese intelligence agencies and “runs the business of hawala transactions through a currency exchange firm,”  a scam suspected to be worth thousands of crores of rupees.

Security agencies have reportedly confiscated two fake Aadhar cards, two forged Indian passports, a fake PAN card while he still operates as Charlie Peng, a false identity from Gurugram.

Earlier on 13 Sept. 2018, the Chinese national was arrested from Majnuka-Tilla, in New Delhi, the capital of India for running an espionage ring in India in a top-secret intelligence operation by Delhi Police’s special cell.

The authorities who have been closely watching him after the Delhi court granted him bail in 2019 have stated that he resumed his hawala trade once he was out of the prison.

Times now reported that Following his interrogation, it was revealed that Lou was tasked to somehow try to enter the inner circle of Dalai Lama among others.

Luo Sang, alias, Charlie Peng hails from Nanjing area in China and the authorities suspect him of being a highly trained Chinese agent. 

He came to India in 2014 from Nepal, married an Indian girl and, then, managed to get a passport from Manipur and started operating a currency exchange firm as a front for ‘hawala activities,’ the crimes he perfected in Nepal under the watchful eyes of the officials of Chinese Embassy officials until his arrest in 2018, reported citing sources in the know.

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