Swedish parliamentary delegation extends support for ‘Middle Way Approach’, says it can be successful


By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, August 31: A delegation of Swedish Tibetan Friendship Group of Parliament and Swedish Tibet Committee have reiterated their support for ‘Middle Way Approach’ for the Tibetan movement.

“If you see the mind set of the Swedish people, we are a country with two hundred and three consecutive years of non military conflict. In our spirit, we have a phrase, ‘the golden path of the middle way’ which means to understand what your adversary or fellow human beings wants, try to find a solution where you would want to coincide with that person and this philosophy has left us with over two hundred years of peace,” Carl Schlyter, Swedish parliamentarian from the Green Party and member of Swedish Tibetan Friendship Group of Parliament said.

Having established friendship and trade relation with its neighbors after centuries of war and conflicts, the Swedish parliamentarian opined that like Sweden, Tibet can also achieve success with the Middle Way.

21244723_1641716782539392_1327054948_n“When I heard about the middle way, I thought that is something we have in common and I was very happy when I heard about the proposal some years ago. So I hope soon you will have the same opportunity to protect your culture and way of life because that is what it is to be a human being, to find your self an identity and culture. That is the way we try to do in the European Union after many wars and what we have been doing in the Scandinavian for over two hundred years and this is the successful way. I am happy that Tibetan administration has found that this is also the future way for you. We have shown that it can be done and it can be successful,” the Swedish Parliamentarian added.

“Middle Way Approach is probably the only viable solution because you will never win a military conflict and you can not give in completely. So it’s a wise approach in accordance with my own country’s tradition to find a peaceful resolution for the conflict,” Carl Schlyter answered when enquired about why he supports the Middle Way Policy.

The Swedish government doesn’t accept the Identity Certificate (Yellow Book), a travel document issued by the Indian government that allows Tibetans to travel abroad. When enquired about it, the Swedish Parliamentarian said, “This is not well known in Sweden. The friendship group will take up the matter with the Swedish government.”

“For us Tibet issue is not just about Tibet, its about what is right and what is wrong in life and what it is to be a human. Its extremely inspirational to see the methods you use in your struggle, the dignity, the strength and the compassion that you mix into this. It should be a model for all conflicts or conflict related situations in the world,” said Mattias Björnerstedt, the President of Swedish Tibet Committee.

“I understand that it’s a tough time. Your adversary is strong and has methods that really works well but we all have to feel that the right way is the good way to do the right thing in every situation and I think we will prevail in the long run,” Mattias Björnerstedt concluded.

Swedish Tibetan Friendship Parliamentarian Group was formed on March 28, 2017 by five Swedish parliamentarians. Carl Schlyter of the Green Party is one of the founding members.

The Swedish Tibet Group delegation is accompanied by Jamyang Choedon, President of Tibetan Community of Sweden and Vice President of Swedish Tibet Committee. The Team will attend the ‘Tibetan Democracy Day’ celebration to be held at Tsug-lakhang on September 2.