Three monks and lay Tibetan arbitrarily arrested in restive Sog County

DHARAMSALA, Apr 2: Three Tibetan Buddhist monks and a lay Tibetan have been arrested by Chinese police on Mar 28 in restive Sog County in traditional Kham Province of Tibet, according to a Tibetan source with contacts in the region.

The three monks, Choepal Dawa, Jigme Wangyal and Choeying Choega were monks of Tsendhen monastery in Sog County and the layman has been identified as Dorje Drakpa.

An undated photo of Choepal Dawa.
An undated photo of Choepal Dawa.

The source said they were arbitrarily arrested on the night of Mar 28 by Chinese police who did not provide any explanation for the arrests.

Choepal Dawa, 27 had been arrested by Chinese police on Jan 15, 2015 and later, secretly sentenced to two years in prison in early February that year.

Choepal Dawa is the son of Gopey Rangdol, resident of Village No 2, Yagla Township in Sog County.

Jigme Wangyal is the son of Laru Dechentsang, resident of Kharma Village in Yagla Township, Sog County.

Choeying Choega and layman Dorje Drakpa are sons of Minyag Abhutsang, resident of Village No 1 in Yagla Township, Sog County.

Due to heavy restrictions imposed in the area, which has made communication between local Tibetans difficult, further details could not be ascertained, said the source.



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