Three Tibetans arrested in restive Sog county

DHARAMSALA, July 19: A large number of Chinese police arrived in restive Sog county in traditional Kham province of Tibet on July 9 and arbitrarily arrested three native Tibetans without providing any explanation.

Gyalten Phelgye in an undated photo.
Gyalten Phelgye in an undated photo.

The three Tibetans have been identified as Gyalten Phelgye, a 29-yr-old monk; Gyalten’s sister Gyedi, a 52-yr-old nun and Choedak, a 49-yr-old lay Tibetan man. All of them were residents of village number 13 in Rongpo township of Sog county.

Why they were suddenly arrested and where they have been taken to still remain unknown.

According to sources, a relative of one of the detainees who went to the county police station to enquire about their whereabouts and deliver food and cloth has also been detained by the police.

Currently, a large number of policemen have been deployed Rongpo township’s village number 13 and are keeping a close watch on movements of the Tibetan residents.

Gyalten's nun-sister Gyedi in an undated photo.
Gyalten’s nun-sister Gyedi in an undated photo.

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