Tibetan man beaten to death by Chinese authorities in eastern Tibet

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, June 29: A Tibetan man picking caterpillar fungus has been beaten to death by Chinese authorities’ in Derge in traditional Kham province of Tibet.

Youngduk Nyima, a Tibetan man hailing from Derge province’s Zakhong township, was apprehended and beaten to death by Chinese authorities on June 20 when he was picking caterpillar fungus, a source from inside Tibet told Tibet Express.

An undated photo of Youngduk Nyima.
An undated photo of

Nyima was charged with illegal possession of gun and succumbed to injuries en route to Derge county.

Youngduk Nyima, son of Yarka and Godroe, as described by sources inside Tibet, is around 40 years’ old and his death due to Chinese authorities beating has transpired heated debates between the Chinese authorities and Tibetans in the vicinity.

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