Tibetan monk released after nine years’ imprisonment

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, April 29: A Tibetan monk from eastern Tibet who was arrested for taking part in the Pan-Tibet protests of 2008 was released by Chinese authorities after nine years in jail.

Choktrin Gyatso, a monk from Tsang Monastery in Malho in eastern Tibet was released a year earlier by the authorities of the Xining prison where he was confined. The authorities provided no reasons for the clemency, reports freetibet.org.

18217145_1508661149178290_572495388_nHis family was summoned by the authorities prior to his release and issued a hard worded instruction against taking photographs and hosting reception for him. He was released from prison at midnight as a measure to limit attention his return will receive, the report added.

Choktrin Gyatso, now 44, was arrested in April, 2008 on charges of being a ring leader in his town during the 2008 Pan-Tibet protests and was sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment. He was further suspected of having contacts outside Tibet, which china calls ‘separatist groups’.

Gyatso, who hails from Malho’s Nitha township, has reportedly paid a short visit to his monastery following his release and now remains confined to his home.

He had briefly studied at Sera monastery in southern India for three years from 2002 and returned home after receiving his monastic education.