Tibetan National Congress calls on UN to declare Independence for Tibet

DHARAMSALA, 8 July: Tibetan National Congress(TNC) has called on the United Nations(UN) to declare independence for Tibet.

Protesting before the UN headquarters in New York City, the activists from the TNC carrying Tibetan national flags, placards and banners urged the international governing body to shake-off from Beijing’s control and declare independence for Tibet.”

“Tibet has, since time immemorial, been an independent state, hence we should neither fear, nor shy away or hesitate to call for an independent Tibet,” said Cheden Adhetsang, the President of the New York and New Jersey chapter of the TNC.

He further spoke on the growing support to the call for an independent Tibet and cited among others the bill introduced in the US the lower house of the US Congress by US House Representative Scott Perry from Pennsylvania as well as the increasing number of MPs from India expressing their support for the cause. 

The TNC urged the UN to condemn China for the “military invasion and genocidal occupation of Tibet, radically undermining democracy in Hong Kong and threatening the security of Independent Taiwan and for committing Genocide against the Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang.”

TNC also called on the UN to condemn China’s expansionist design under which the regime is “threatening Japan over the Senkaku Islands, and the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam over control of the South China Seas” as well as for killing Indian troops and illegally encroaching on India’s frontier as well as in the sovereign territories of Bhutan and Nepal.

TNC, a political freedom movement established as a democratic, non-sectarian, non-regional, pan Tibetan movement that seeks to pursue the ultimate goal of restoring a sovereign and independent Tibetan nation-state also urged the UN to condemn China over the latter’s mishandling of Coronavirus pandemic which it said “endangered the health and well-being of the global community” as it resulted in the deaths of over 500,000 people worldwide.

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