Tibetan nomad mother arrested for solitary protest

DHARAMSALA, Aug 18: A Tibetan nomad mother was arrested after staging a solitary protest against the Chinese government in restive Ngaba county in eastern Tibet.

An undated photo of Woekar Kyi with her son.
An undated photo of Woekar Kyi with her son.

According to information provided by monks at Kirti monastery at Dharamsala, Woekar Kyi, aged around 23 took to the streets of Meruma township in Ngaba county in eastern Tibet’s Amdo province at around 3 pm on Aug 15 calling for the return of the Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet and freedom for Tibetans. She shouted slogans such as “His Holiness should be allowed to return to Tibet”, “Freedom for Tibet” and “Chinese repression of Tibetans has crossed all the limits”.

Following her protest, she was arrested by Chinese police and taken away. Where she is being held and other details remain unknown.

Born to father Kunpo and mother Phagpa, she hails from nomadic camp No. 1 in Meruma township in Ngaba county. She has a 4-yr-old son from her husband Tashi.






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