Tibetan Parliament thanks NBA player Enes Kanter for standing for ‘truth and justice’, urges continued support

DHARAMSALA, 2 Nov: The Tibetan Parliament-in-exile(TPIE) has expressed ‘gratitude’ to the professional basketball player Enes Kanter of Boston Celtics for his invaluable support for the cause of Tibet and expressed hopes for his continued support for the just cause of Tibet.

“We are very delighted and grateful for your solidarity with the truth. The voice that you have raised shows how much you support truth and justice,” Khenpo Sonam Tenphel, the Speaker of the TPIE has said in a missive addressed to the Boston Celtics centre 

The Speaker has further stated that “since the illegal invasion and occupation of Tibet by the People’s Republic of China in 1959, Tibetans are not only deprived of basic and fundamental human rights, they are subjected to brainwashing with forced labour in indoctrinating camps, while millions live in fear amid vast surveillance within their homes.”

He has further said that the “recent transfer of Wang Junzheng, CCP Secretary of Xinjiang to Tibet indicates the CCP’s intention of clamping down every move by Tibetans who uphold their love and pride for being Tibetans.”

The Speaker of the 17th TPIE concluded by declaring that the 29-year-old baller’s stand for truth and justice gave a ray of hope for our brothers and sisters in Tibet.

“At this crossroad of brutal and inhuman atrocities in Tibet, we value every single voice raised in support of our brothers and sisters in Tibet. We also invoke the conscience of every humanity to be the voice of the voiceless. Hence your stand for truth and justice and your voice gave a ray of hope for them.”

The NBA player has responded by sharing the letter from the Speaker of the TPIE across his social media handles.

“Huge thanks to Tibetan Parliament,” Kanter said as he shared the letter on his Facebook.

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