Time for CTA to change its ‘Middle Way Policy’ to complete independence for Tibet: Jamyang Norbu

A file picture of Jamyang Norbu.

DHARAMSALA, 3 July: The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), commonly referred to as the Tibetan Government-in-Exile, and the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile (TPIE) should now change their ineffectual ‘Middle Way Policy’ to complete independence for Tibet, says Jamyang Norbu.

The Tibetan author-activist made the remarks in a video message posted on the official Facebook account of the Tibetan National Congress, following China’s rubber-stamp parliament passing the controversial national security law in Hong Kong.

“The Tibetan Parliament and Government-in-Exile must now renounce their ineffectual Middle Way Policy and declare to the world that Tibet has, since time immemorial, been an independent state and that the Tibetan people will fight for the restoration of their rightful status as a free nation in this world,” says the senior Tibetan Rangzen (independence) activist.

He made this statement as he argued that the “imposition of the new draconian security law in Hong Kong by Communist China signals the end of democratic Hong Kong and China’s so-called ‘One Country Two Systems’ policy.”

The imposition of the controversial law, he declared, poured cold water over the long-held hope of Tibetans that “this policy would enable us to gain ‘genuine’ autonomy for Tibet.”

Though Jamyang Norbu applauds Tibetan Rangzen activists and NGOs who have long campaigned for Tibet’s independence, he says that it won’t suffice as he called on the TPIE to convene an urgent session to change the current policy so that Dr Lobsang Sangay, the political head of the Tibetan people, can announce the new official policy to the world.

As China is being cornered by the world over its mishandling of the Coronavirus pandemic that originated from Wuhan and its expansionist designs are being exposed across the world, the senior Tibetan activist says that we must seize the opportunity to change our policy, which will, in turn, make it a lot more convenient for other nations to join and support Tibetans in their call for an independent Tibet.

This, he concluded, will inspire others oppressed by China, such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, to stand against the tyranny of the Chinese regime and added that striving for Tibet’s Independence is the only way out for the Tibetans.

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