Two Tibetan writers released after serving four years

DHARAMSALA, June 21: Two Tibetan writers jailed for four years for writing articles described by the Chinese government as “reactionary” and “endangering state security” were released from Mianyang prison on June 20 after completing their prison term.

Jangtse Donkho(L) and Buddha(R) shortly after their release.
Jangtse Donkho(L) and Buddha(R) shortly after their release.

Jangtse Donkho who wrote under the pen name Nyen (Eng: The Wrathful ) and Buddha were arrested in 2010 for their articles on the Chinese government’s bloody crackdown on Tibetans during the 2008 Uprising which were published in Shar Dhungri (Eng: The Eastern Snow Mountain) literary magazine. The magazine was later banned by the government.

Jangtse Donkho was arrested from his home in Ngaba county in former Amdo province of Tibet for writing an article published in the Shar Dhungri magazine titled “Ngatso La Dowa Mi Yi Thobthang Yod Dham” (Eng: Do we have human rights?). He also wrote the books, Rolang (Eng: Zombie) and Lagtsel (Eng: Skill). Jangtse Donkho was 32 at the time of his arrest.

Photo of the Shar Dungri magazine Vol. 21 2008
Photo of the Shar Dungri magazine Vol. 21 (2008)

Buddha was arrested from a hospital in Ngaba where he practiced as a medical doctor for writing an article critical of the Chinese government which was published in the Shar Dungri magazine titled “Hindsight and reflection”. Buddha, who was 34 at the time of his arrest, was also the editor of the journal “Du Rab Kyi Nga” (Eng: Consciousness of the Century).

Their family and friends welcomed them with traditional Tibetan ceremonial scarves as they came out of the prison.

Scores of Tibetan artists, including writers and poets have been detained, disappeared, tortured and sentenced by the Chinese government under the overly broad and abusive state security laws for expressing their views and asserting Tibetan national identity.


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