TYC launches “global movement to boycott made in China” products


TYC centrex members at the launch of “global movement to boycott made in China” products.

DHARAMSALA, 16 June: Calling out China for its atrocities, the Tibetan Youth Congress(TYC) launched a campaign today, a “global movement to boycott made in China” products here in the exile headquarter of the Tibetan people.

“More than 7 million cases of Coronavirus (CCP Virus) affecting 213 countries and killing of 400 thousand innocent beings all across the globe should be sufficient reason for any of us not to buy products ‘Made In China’, and make them accountable for causing so much chaos,” Gonpo Dhundup, the President of TYC said as he launched the global campaign to raise awareness about the atrocities committed by the Communist Party of China.

The TYC President further laid-out three reasons why everyone should boycott Chinese products among others.

Consuming Chinese products equals to supporting “CCP’s human rights abuses, supporting China’s military buildup and Beijing’s mishandling of Coronavirus outbreak that has infected 7 million people, killed more than 400 thousand people around the world,” he added.

“The world must have learned that China cannot be trusted and should acknowledge the Chinese Government’s negligence that helped cause this pandemic. So, we should all boycott Made in China Products, and make China pay for taking lives, manipulating information, violating Human and Animal Rights,” he concluded.

The largest Tibetan NGO in exile that supports complete independence for Tibet also launched a signature campaign to pledge not to buy products “Made in China.”

Senior Tibetan writer-activist Lhasang Tsering signs TYC’s signature campaign to pledge not to buy products “Made in China.”

“A sizeable exile Tibetans from Dharamsala boycotting Chinese products is akin to a water droplet in the ocean and will not make much effect on the Chinese economy. But it will strengthen the Tibetan freedom movement, hence it will make a great difference,” said Tibetan writer-activist Lhasang Tsering who took part in the signature campaign. 

After launching the “global movement to boycott made in China” products campaign here in Dharamsala, Dhondup announced that the organisation’s 87 regional branches across the world will follow suit.

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