Young Tibetan woman writer arrested in eastern Tibet

DHARAMSALA, Aug 28: Chinese authorities have arrested a young Tibetan woman writer in eastern Tibet for publishing articles on various websites that are critical of the Chinese government.

An undated photo of Dawa Tsomo
An undated photo of Dawa Tsomo

Dawa Tsomo, a 20-yr-old Tibetan writer and resident of Chiza Sachen Village in Zatoe County in Qinghai’s Yushul Prefecture was arrested on Aug 23 on the allegations that she has violated China’s cyber laws by writing “politically sensitive” articles on the internet.

Dawa Tsomo is a Tibetan writer known among Tibetan netizens for her bold articles and blogs. She had earlier written articles on the mistreatment of Tibetans by local Chinese government officials and the plight of the Tibetan residents of Kyegundo Township in Yushul Prefecture.

Dawa’s whereabouts and condition still remain unknown.


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