10th anniversary of 2008 Pan-Tibet Uprising commemorated with cycle rally

DHARAMSALA, Aug 8: Four major Tibetan NGOs merged together to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 2008 Pan-Tibet Uprising in Tibet, the largest upheaval seen inside occupied Tibet since the 1959 Tibetan Uprising.

Tibetan Women’s Association along with National Democratic Party of Tibet, Gu-Chu-Sum Movement Association of Tibet and Student’s for a Free Tibet- India today marked the 10th anniversary of the 2008 Pan-Tibet Uprising in Tibet by organising a cycle rally from the main square in Mcleod Ganj to Nobulingka.

Tibetans and Tibet supporters numbering to around 30 took part in the cycle rally from the main square in Mcleod Ganj to Nobulingka. The NGOs have also organised a parallel cycle rally from the Tibetan colony in Majnuka-tilla to Sansad Bhavan (Parliament House) in the Indian Capital.

“While Tibet was under severe restrictions, Olympic Games in Beijing was hosted from August 8, 2008, by violating all the harmonious and peaceful missions of Olympic Games and the peaceful cycle rally is being held to commemorate the significant and historical 2008 Uprising in Tibet,” the NGOs said in their joint press release.

Participants and the organisers of the cycle rally pictured after arriving at Norbulingka; final stop.

The NGOs further said that contrary to the purpose of the Olympics Games, which is to respect and promote equality, harmony, democracy, justice and human rights among the participating nations, the Chinese regime violated the overall essence as well as pledge of the prestigious Olympics Games in 2008 by violently cracking down over the peaceful Tibetan demonstrators with tanks and deadly weapons turning Tibet into a red war zone.

“Its about time the International Olympic Committee own up to its mistake of awarding China the 2008 Olympics Games,” NDPT President Tsetan Norbu told reporters before the rally began.

Chinese authorities in occupied Tibet cracked down with an iron fist as a series of protests took place across the Tibetan plateau before the Beijing 2008 Olympics kicked off in China.

The 2008 Pan-Tibet Uprising in Tibet began on March 10 with 400 monks from Drepung Monastery in Lhasa protesting against the Chinese regime demanding religious freedom and an end to mass migration in Tibet.

The protests then spread across the entire traditional Tibetan provinces. From March 11-14, Tibetans across Tibet from every walk of life took to the streets to protest against the repressive Chinese regime. The peaceful protesters were met with a brutal crackdown by the Chinese authorities which reportedly killed at least 225 Tibetans while 600 others were arrested and 510 Tibetans were falsely charged.

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