17th TPIE unanimously decides to follow Dalai Lama’s counsel 

DHARAMSALA, 7 Oct: The elected members of the 17th Tibetan Parliament-in-exile (TPIE) today unanimously decided to follow the advice it received for His Holiness the Dalai Lama after a brief deliberation and discussion among them.

The Dalai Lama, expressing his disappointment over the stalemate has proposed the Tibetan lawmakers follow the procedure as prescribed by the Charter of the Tibetans-in-Exile today to administer their oath of office as he gave his counsel.

The elected lawmakers met for three days over 27-29th Sept to resolve the impasse over their oath of office. However, the 44 lawmakers gathered for the internal meeting failed to reach the backings of 2/3 for any of their proposed solutions settled on their 7th solution that is to seek the counsel of the Dalai Lama as enshrined in Article 1 clause 2 of the Charter of the Tibetans-in-Exile.

The internal meeting was organized by the five Tibetan MPs from the US, Europe, and Australasia.

After receiving a four-page letter signed by the 44 lawmakers on 29th Sept. detailing the cause and the development of the parliament statement that saw the MPs resolve to two different sets of the oath-taking ceremony through his private office from the Tibetan MPs, the Dalai Lama has stated that he can not propose anything out of the Charter’s ambit and told the MPs to follow the procedure as prescribed by the Charter of the Tibetans-in-Exile to administer their oath of office while advising the Chief Election Commissioner(CEC) of the CTA to follow the measures as enshrined in the Charter and if it fails to materialize to complete the house quorum as mandated by Charter to hold sessions.

The unprecedented manner in which the members of the 17th TPIE took their oath of office was necessitated after the Chief Justice Commissioner and the two Justice Commissioners of the Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission impeached by the Tibetan parliament in March performed a u-turn and announced their resumption to offices nearly two months after accepting their impeachment though they called it illegitimate.

The members of all the 17th TPIE are now reportedly set to take their oath of office uniformly from the pro-tem Speaker as prescribed by Article 47 of the Charter and to elect the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the House tomorrow.

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