2nd, 3rd session of the 17th Tibetan Parliament to be held in March 2022

DHARAMSALA, 17 Nov: The 17th Tibetan Parliament-in-exile will hold its 2nd and the 3rd session of the house in March 2022.

“In accordance to the Article 40 of the Charter of Tibetans in exile, the second session of the 17th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile will be held from 14th March 2022 (Monday) to 18th March 2022 (Friday) for 5 days and the third session will be held from 21st March 2022 (Monday) to 31st March 2022 (Thursday) for 10 days,” the Tibetan Parliamentary Secretariat announced Tuesday.

The Tibetan legislatures were “requested to register their attendance at the Parliamentary Secretariat on 13th March 2022.”

The Tibetan parliament consists of 45 members: ten members each from U-Tsang, Do-tod and Do-med, the three traditional provinces of Tibet, two members each from the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism and the traditional Bon faith, two members each from Europe and North America and a member representing Tibetans in Asia and Australasia (excluding India, Nepal and Bhutan).


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