3 Chinese spies posing as journalists expelled from UK in 2020

Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast.

DHARAMSALA, 5  Feb: Amid concerns about growing Chinese economic espionage and intellectual property theft, it has been revealed that the UK has expelled three Chinese spies posing has journalists in 2020.

Three intelligence officers for China’s Ministry of State Security purported to work for three different Chinese media agencies were expelled from the UK last year, the Reuters reported citing a  report by The Telegraph.

According to the report, the trio, Chinese spies posing as journalists had their true identities uncovered by MI5, UK’s domestic counter-intelligence and security agency and that they have since been forced to return to China.

Meanwhile, Britain’s media regulator has on Thursday revoked a Chinese TV licence after it concluded that the Chinese Communist Party had ultimate editorial responsibility for the channel, the report added.

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