A whopping 80% Indians support free Tibet, feels India can make difference to Tibetan cause: survey

DHARAMSALA, 22 Jan: Amid ongoing border standoff and growing resentment towards China, the Indo-Asian News Service(IANS) reported that the majority of Indians support free Tibet.

According to IANS’ C-Voter Tibet poll questions, a survey conducted based on a sample size of 3,000 people spread all over the country, the Indian news agency reported that “a whopping 80 per cent Indians support free Tibet and feel that India can make a difference to the Tibetan cause.”

When asked about whether they support a free Tibet, nearly 80 of them have replied in affirmative.

“In terms of gender, 13.4 per cent male replied they couldn’t comment, 72.8 per cent agreed with the query, while 13.8 per cent said ‘No’. Among females, 74.7 per cent agreed, 13.7 per cent answered in the negative, while 11.7 per cent said they couldn’t comment,” IANS reported.

Additionally, a majority of the respondents(73.7 per cent),  have agreed that it is important to restore the historic status of Tibet as a buffer zone or a zone of peace in order to prevent border conflicts between India while 13.8 per cent have responded in negative while 12.6 per cent of respondents have said they couldn’t comment on the matter.

Further, the survey also found out that the majority of Indian millennials, 72.5 per cent are of them believe that “India’s actions can bolster Tibetan cause,” while 46 per cent of the respondents feel that international human rights organisations have done little to help the Tibetan cause.

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