Activist Sangyal Kyap concludes ‘Bicycle rally for Free Tibet across Canada’

DHARAMSALA, 17 Oct: Tibetan Activist Sangyal Kyap has successfully conceded his “Bicycle rally for Free Tibet across Canada”, his latest campaign for Tibet.

The Toronto-based Tibetan activist concluded his “Bicycle rally for Free Tibet across Canada” Saturday as he arrived before the Chinese Consulate in Toronto, Ontario where he was accorded a warm reception by Tibetans and supporters who joined him.

Sangyal Kyap’s latest campaign for Tibet saw him cover over 5000 kilometres as he paddled across the ten Canadian provinces and three territories to the north spread across Canada for two months.

Kyap began his cycle rally across Canada for Tibet on 16 Aug with five demands, calling on the “international community” and Canadians urging them to support the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet; the renewal of stalled Sino-Tibet dialogue in good faith; the release 11th Panchen Lama and other political prisoners of Tibet; support for human rights in Tibet and to stop China’s reckless development policies in Tibet which are devastating Tibet’s environment and puts the whole planet at risk. 

The Toronto-based Tibetan activist took up activism for the Tibetan cause beginning with his 2018 solo rotest before the Chinese embassy in Canada. Since then, he has undertaken around 221 campaigns over the last four years.

Kyap staged his first peace march for Tibet in June 2020 in June followed by his second in June 2021.  On both occasions, he marched for over 20 days. His third peace march saw him march from 11 June to 6 July in 2022. 

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