American’s unfavourable views of China at record high: Survey

DHARAMSALA, 29 April: A record high, 82% of Americans have unfavourable opinions of China stated a Pew Research Center survey. 

“Around eight in ten (82%) adult Americans have unfavourable opinions of China, including 40% who have very unfavourable views of the country,” the nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world has said in its report. 

Based on its survey, the research centre based in Washington, D.C said that “this is a 6-point increase in negative views from 2021 and a new high since the Center began asking this question on its online American Trends Panel in 2020.”

Additionally, it added that its findings are a “record reading of unfavourable opinions compared with almost two decades of surveys conducted by phone.”

Though negative views of China have grown, the survey found that  Americans increasingly see China as a competitor and not as an enemy. This, the centre attributes to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

“Currently, 62% identify China as a competitor and 25% an enemy, with 10% seeing China as a partner,” it added.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, the opposite shift occurred in the shares of Americans who call Russia an enemy or competitor.

In January, before the Russian invasion of Ukraine,  54% of Americans chose to call China a competitor while 35% called China an enemy.  

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