China moves from one-child to one-dog policy

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, June 9: Canine lovers in China are in for a disappointment as one-dog policy in China gains momentum after its infamous one-child policy.

Qingdao city in eastern China is the latest city to introduce restrictions on dog ownership, permitting a family to own only one dog, akin to its now defunct one-child policy, reports Mail Online.

19073681_1549869665057438_2134394363_nAccording to a regulation on dog management issued by the Qingdao City effective from June 8, apart from the tab on dog ownership, the pet owners must register their pet and pay a one-time register fee of 400 Yuan (60$). The city has also banned 40 breeds of ferocious dogs which includes Tibetan mastiff, pit bull and German shepherd among others.

The new rule mandates pet owners to vaccinate their dogs and provide an immunization registration card. Violation of the new regulation will be met with a 2,000 Yuan (294$) fine, the report added.

Qingdao City’s Public Security Bureau claimed that the situation is getting out of control with the increase in number of people owning canines and increase in cases of incidents with dogs hurting people.

The new regulation left the pet owners a dejected lot. Chinese netizens took to China’s twitter like Weibo to express their disappointment. While some argued about having to pay registration fees, others were left stunned as some gentle breeds were included in the banned list.

The Chinese capital, Beijing is said to have imposed the rule way back in 2006 after a rabies infection. Major Chinese cities imposed similar restrictions since 2009.

Till date the severest restriction ever imposed was in Jiangmen city in 2011 which forbids residents from owning dogs. The policy was said to have overturned nine days later.