Chinese Ambassador to Australia confronted by multiple protesters while speaking at UTS

DHARAMSALA 24 June: The Chinese Ambassador to Australia has been confronted by multiple protesters during his address at the University of Technology Sydney in Australia.

China’s ambassador Xiao Qian had to stop his address multiple times while speaking on China’s relations with Australia as protesters interjected him time and again on Friday holding signs and expressing concerns about Tibet, East Turkistan and Hong Kong.

Drew Pavlou, head of the Democratic Alliance political party was among the protesters who were removed from the hall for holding a sign that read Free Tibet, Free East Turkistan and Free Hong Kong.

As the Chinese ambassador’s speech was strategically interjected by several protesters at different intervals during his speech, the university has cut the online feed of the address several times during the interruptions.

Former Tibetan MP, Ms Kyizom Dongdue who is now a Democratic Alliance’s candidate for Bennelong from Australia was alos among the protesters. She staged the protest during the  Chinese ambassador’s speech by holding a sign and calling for Free Tibet, Free East Turkistan and Free Hong Kong.

Based on the video of the event on ABC’s official YouTube account, multiple protesters interrupted the Chinese Ambassador’s address on seven different instances.

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