Chinese man sentenced to death for leaking state secrets

DHARAMSALA, Apr 20: The Chinese state television on Tuesday, offering unusual details, proclaimed death sentence to Huang Yu for leaking state secrets.

The Chinese man had worked as a technician for a government department which handled state secrets but his bad conduct let to his termination.

Huang Yu
Huang Yu

To vent his anger, the technician got in touch with a foreign spy organization online and a deal was made to sell state secrets he acquired as a technician. The two parties met in south-east Asia and Hong Kong and 150,000 documents containing secrets about the ruling Communist party to military and financial issues were handed over to the foreign spy organization, the state television reported.

When he ran out of documents to provide, he started stealing the documents from his wife and brother-in-law who also work for government departments handling state secrets.

His frequent travel and sudden unexplained wealth aroused suspicions and led to his arrest in 2011, and was sentenced to death. Whether he was executed or where he was tried remains unknown.

China has notoriously broad state secrets law which cover everything from industry data to the exact birth dates of state leaders. Information can also be labeled a state secret retroactively. The Chinese cyber security and counter terrorism laws allow the government to combat perceived threats from widespread censorship to heightened control over certain technologies.

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