JJI Exile Brothers launch ‘Live’ their second music album

DHARAMSALA, 5 July: JJI Exile Brothers, a leading Tibetan rock band in exile has launched their second album titled Live.

Live, the Dharamsala-based Tibetan rock band’s second album consists of 10 tracks. The album was released on Thursday on Bandcamp, an American online music company where fans can listen as well as purchase their album.

“Dear friends and supporters, we are happy to share the news of our new album, our brothers have been working on this album for quite a long time,” the band said in a statement issued on Facebook.

“Most of the songs in the album are recorded live,  hope you all will support and love as always,” it concluded.

The band’s first music album titled ‘JJI Exile Brothers’ consisting of nine tracks was released in 2002.

JJI Exile Brothers, the band comprises of three brothers. JJI is an acronym of their initials, they are Jigme, Jamyang and Ingsel.

The brothers are born in exile, India and their music often revolves around the theme of struggles of statelessness of Tibetan refugees, longing for home and political messages.

Their music often features in movies. JJI’s the momo song featured in ‘Love, Wrinkle-free’ a Hindi rom-com movie in 2012 while they co-engineered the music of Pawo, a film based on the life story of Tibetan martyr Jamphel Yeshi who self-immolated on 26 March 2012, to protest against China’s continued rule in Tibet with Sebastian Heinrich that won the GOLD AWARD – Original Score at the International Independent Film Awards in 2016.

JJI Exile Brothers, the band was founded in 1998 with the help of their mother Nyima. The brothers credit their success to their mother and maintain that they would not have succeeded without her support.

The band describes her as their sole caretaker, manager, and their first fan.

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