COVID-19: CTA reports 65 positive cases over the past week, tally at 285 active cases

DHARAMSALA, 20 Nov: The Covid- 19 Task Force of the Central Tibetan Administration reported  65 new COVID-19 positive cases among exiled Tibetans in India and Nepal over the past week.

Dr Tsering Tsamchoe said during the committee’s weekly briefing on Thursday Ladakh accounted for the maximum number of cases with  17 followed by Mundgod with 13 cases, Dharamsala with 7, 4 each from Bylakuppe and Chauntra, 3 from Puruwala, 2 each from Dekyiling and Hunsur and 1 each from  Clement town, Lingtsang, Lakhanwala and Paonta.

The remaining 8 cases were reported from Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Under Secretary of CTA’s Health Department, Tenzin Kunsang while addressing the briefing called for continued caution from the Tibetans in exile by wearing masks, sanitizing and exercising social distancing.

She further called on the Tibetans in exile to refrain from holding birthday parties, gatherings and advised against unnecessary travel.

The committee further reported that a 60-year-old from Mundgod with comorbid issues and an 86 year old from Ladakh passed away due to coronavirus.

The tally is now at 1230 positive cases so far, 285 active cases, 29 deaths, and 916 recoveries.

Additionally, citing inputs from the Office of Tibet Representatives, the task force said 8 cases were reported from Wisconsin state, US, of which 5 have recovered and 3 are on the road to recovery.

The committee highlighted the second and third wave of pandemic raging across Europe, Belgium, Swiss, Italy and the UK and urged Tibetans based abroad to exercise caution and observe the local guidelines.

Dr Tenzin Tsundue highlighted the rising number of positive cases being reported outside of quarantine facilities and recommended remote working and virtual meetings to avoid in-person contacts.

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