COVID-19 weekly briefing: CTA reports 33 positive cases

Dr Tsering Tsamchoe (L) and Dr Namdol(R) from the CTA COVID- 19 Task Force during the committee’s weekly briefing.

DHARAMSALA, 4 Nov: The COVID- 19 Task Force of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) reported 33 positive cases among exiled Tibetans in India over the past seven days.

“A total of  33 COVID-19 positive cases were reported in the last seven days after testing 461Tibetans from 14 Tibetan settlements in India and 1 Tibetan settlement in Nepal,” Dr Tsering Tsamchoe said during the committee’s weekly briefing.

The tally now stands at 6,769 COVID-19 positive cases to date, 6,579 recoveries, 155 deaths and 35 active cases.

She added that the cases were reported from Tibetan settlements in Bylakuppee, Chauntra, Ladakh, Miao, Mundgod, Rajpur and Dharamsala. 

Dr Tsamchoe further informed that a total of 205 exiled Tibetans from 9 Tibetan settlements in India and 1 from Nepal were under quarantine this week. While 60 of them are under home quarantine, another 145 are under institutional quarantine.

Though the cases have now subsided, she urged for continued caution during the festival seasons.

The vaccination rate of Tibetans in Nepal stands at 86.3 per cent with 6,980 Tibetans fully vaccinated while 48 have received their first dose.

The committee said that 94.7 per cent of exiled Tibetans above 18 in India are fully vaccinated. A total of 44,534 Tibetans in India have received both doses while 6772 Tibetans have received the first dose. 

As many Tibetans have now begun their winter sweater business across major cities in India, Delek hospital’s Dr Namdol from the committee urged the Tibetans to not let their guards down and to continue to exercise caution by following the standard guidelines by wearing masks, keeping social distancing, and washing hands regularly.

Speaking on the post-covid syndrome, she said that elders, people with diabetes, hypertension and those with weak immune systems are most likely to be affected by the complications that included among other fatigue, dry coughs, shortness of breath, joint and chest pains and sleep problems. 

She concluded by urging the Tibetans to maintain proper diets, stay hydrated and refrain from drinking or smoking excessively.

Since its outbreak in Wuhan in late 2019, the pandemic has infected 248,625,561 people and killed 5,029,891 people globally according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

India has now moved down to become the 7th country worst hit by the pandemic in the world with 34,333,754 cases to date and 459,873 deaths.

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