Dalai Lama Extends Heartfelt Congratulations to New Zealand’s PM-elect Chris Luxon

DHARAMSALA, 18 Oct: His Holiness the Dalai Lama has issued a heartfelt congratulatory message to Chris Luxon, the newly elected Prime Minister of New Zealand, emphasising the global challenges the world is currently facing and the growing sense of interconnectedness among humanity.

In his message, the Dalai Lama expressed his optimism that, despite these trying times, positive change is achievable through collective efforts. He commended New Zealand for its potential to play a pivotal role in promoting global security and peace, particularly highlighting the country’s steadfast commitment to a nuclear-free policy.

The spiritual leader stressed that New Zealand’s example serves as an essential message for other nations to emulate, underlining that eventual disarmament is the path to creating a better world for everyone.

Reflecting on his numerous visits to New Zealand over the years, the Dalai Lama conveyed his deep appreciation for the privilege of experiencing the country’s beauty. During these visits, he noted that individuals from all walks of life demonstrated tremendous interest and support for his efforts to promote basic human values such as compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, contentment, self-discipline, and inter-religious harmony. He expressed his profound encouragement by the enthusiasm and friendship of the New Zealand people.

In conclusion, His Holiness extended his best wishes to the Prime Minister-Elect, expressing confidence in their ability to successfully address the needs and aspirations of the people of New Zealand, despite the challenges that lie ahead. 

“Barely three years after joining politics, former airline executive Christopher Luxon is set to become the next prime minister of New Zealand,” reported the Indian Express. “His centre-right National Party in coalition with the right-wing ACT Party secured enough seats to form a new government after last week’s general election.”

The 2023 New Zealand general election was held on 14 October 2023 to determine the composition of the 54th Parliament of New Zealand.

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