SFT-Minnesota vehemently condemns Israeli actions in Palestine, highlights shared value of freedom for all

DHARAMSALA, 17 Oct: In a show of solidarity with the Palestinian people, Students for a Free Tibet(SFT) – Minnesota has issued a letter of solidarity expressing deep concern over the ongoing conflict in Palestine. The organisation, known for its commitment to advocating for human rights and freedom for Tibetans, has strongly condemned “Israel’s relentless and horrific onslaught against Palestine” while highlighting the urgent need to address the human rights violations being inflicted on the Palestinian population.

In their letter, the group emphasised their fundamental belief that “everyone has a right to be free,” extending this principle to all populations facing injustice and oppression. SFT – Minnesota voiced its responsibility to amplify the voices of those silenced and stand in solidarity with other communities enduring adversity.

The organisation expressed a strong condemnation of Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip, describing the situation as a long-standing tragedy that has persisted for 75 years. The Israeli Air Force’s recent assault on the densely-populated enclave was outlined, indicating severe damage to civilian infrastructure, resulting in the loss of numerous lives, including a distressing number of children. The dire humanitarian situation, with over a million people displaced and restricted access to essential resources, was also brought to attention.

SFT – Minnesota denounced the actions of Israel as “a contemporary form of ethnic cleansing and genocide.” They highlighted extreme measures, such as coercive evacuations, targeting of humanitarian facilities, and severing communication ties, as evidence of this alarming trend. The group firmly asserted their belief in “non-violent action” and rejected violence as a means to resolve conflicts, underscoring their commitment to human rights and justice.

The letter, however, categorically states that SFT-Minnesota “does not intend to brush off the heinous terrorist attack” from the Hamas group against Israeli civilians, while maintaining that it does not justify “waging genocide against Palestine.”

The group reiterated their commitment to non-violent action, denouncing violence as a viable solution and concluded the letter by declaring that “we support non-violent action and believe violence is never the answer or even an option.”

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