It’s too late to curb China’s global influence now says Ai Weiwei

DHARAMSALA, 30 Sept: China’s prominent activist, Ai Weiwei has said that it’s too late to curb China’s global influence now.

“The West should really have worried about China decades ago. Now it’s already a bit too late because the West has built its strong system in China and to simply cut it off, it will hurt deeply. That’s why China is very arrogant,” the BBC quoted the Chinese dissident, artist and filmmaker as saying in its report.

The activist has further stated in the report that China is under ‘police state’.

The Chinese dissident noted that China today flexes its immense economic power to impose its political influence.

“It’s certainly true that China has become much more assertive in recent years,” he declared in the report.

The report further pointed out a spate of instances where China pressurised nations across the world to submit to their whims.

“Today, China has a significant presence virtually everywhere on the globe. Any country which challenges its basic interests suffers for it,” the chair of the British Parliament’s foreign affairs committee, Tom Tugendhat has said.

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