Kaydor kicks off his campaign for final round of 2021 Sikyong elections

DHARAMSALA, 22 March: Kelsang Dorjee Aukatsang (Kaydor) pledged to “build a dynamic and efficient” administration by transforming “Tibetan freedom struggle, the Central Tibetan Administration, and the education system.”

“Let’s build a dynamic and efficient CTA with a focus on strengthening the Tibetan freedom struggle, transforming education, revitalizing Tibetan language, culture and empowering the youth,” Kaydor said as he flagged off his campaign for the final round of the 2021 Sikyong election from the exile headquarters of the Tibetan people on Sunday.

“We must hold on to the things that continue to serve us, and reorient the rest to meet the new challenges and opportunities,” Kaydor said and called the current model “a legacy of the past which worked amazingly well for its time,” and the change necessitated by us being in a  different era now.

“The freedom struggle should be steered away from the abyss of a frozen conflict by creating more pain points and incentives for the CCP leadership to address the Tibet issue. The CTA must become a transnational entity that is dynamic, forward-looking and which strengthens the bond between all Tibetans”

The existing education system he says ‘cries out for necessary reforms” and that the “focus should be on quality.”

Kaydor, who has been the Special Advisor to Sikyong, Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to North America, and Chief Resilience Officer of the CTA and the Director of the Social and Resource Development Fund (SARD) further spoke on the importance of “entrepreneurship,” how the Tibetan community lacks behind in this field and held that his administration is resolved towards establishing public-private partnerships.

To the local Tibetans, with the eco-tourism on the bane, he resolved to set up a Tibetan market in the Mcleod or within its environs.

On the Middle-Way Policy, the official policy of the CTA, Kaydor says that “a campaign to highlight Tibet’s history as an independent nation will be launched to strengthen and highlight the reasonableness of the Middle Way Approach.”

When asked where the Middle-Way policy will fit with regards to the present geopolitics and how best to amplify and strengthen our freedom movement, he says “pressure China more”, rather than surrendering or tow-towing.

The EC of the CTA declared the final candidates for the 2021 General election and flagged off the final round of elections for Sikyong and Tibetan MPs on Sunday.

Political campaigns by or for candidates or candidates must end by 8 Apr. 5 pm.

Exiled Tibetans spread across 26 countries in the world will cast their vote final election of the political head of the Tibetan people and its parliamentarians on 11 April 2021 and the results will be declared on 14 May.

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