Kirti monk arrested for lone protest in restive Ngaba region

A 17-year-old Kirti monk, Sangay Gyatso who disappeared after his solo peaceful protest against Chinese rule in Tibet. Image: Kanyag Tsering

DHARAMSALA, Dec 15: A Tibetan monk from Kirti monastery has been arrested by Chinese police in restive Ngaba county in the traditional Tibetan province of Amdo for carrying out a solo protest against China’s continued repressive rule in Tibet.

Sangay Gyatso, a monk from Kirti monastery took to the streets of Ngaba county on Dec 10, popularly known as ‘martyr’s street’ demanding freedom be restored in Tibet, according to Kanyag Tsering, spokespersons of Kirti monastery in Dharamsala.

Within minutes into his peaceful protest, Gyatso was thrashed and whisked away by the Chinese police; his whereabouts remain unknown.

Sangay Gyatso, son of Zeykar Soepa and Wangkho hails from Soruma village in Choejema Township, Ngaba County. He was ordained as a monk at the Kirti Monastery at a very young age.

Though some section of media in exile reported that he has self-immolated protesting against Chinese rule in Tibet, Kanyag Tsering confirmed that the 17-year-old monk staged a peaceful protest contrary to the media reports citing sources in the region.

“There were further reports of protest in the restive Ngaba region, but details can’t be ascertained due to heightened restrictions in the area,” Kanyag Tsering concluded.

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