Latest Tibetan self-immolator in critical condition, family and associates tortured by China

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, March 22: Pema Gyaltsen, who set himself on fire on Mar 18 in Nyarong county in the traditional Tibetan province of Kham is said to be in critical condition.

Pema Gyaltsen (Pegyal), 24, set himself on fire near Tsokha monastery in Nyagrong in protest against China’s repressive rule in Tibet.

17439704_1459313374113068_2039145646_nPegyal’s condition and whereabouts after his self-immolation protest remain unknown as Chinese authorities whisked away his charred body. Though the area is under heavy Chinese military presence and the internet around Nyarong has also been cut off, Tibet Express has learned that Pegyal is said to be in critical condition in a hospital in Chengdu, according to our sources in the region.

Following Pegyal’s self immolation protest, Chinese Authorities were said to have rounded up and tortured his family and associates numbering to ten.

Though they were released later, some have sustained serious injuries.

Pegyal is the 147th known Tibetan to have self-immolated since 2009 and the first in 2017.

All the Tibetan self-immolators have called for freedom to be restored in Tibet and His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s return to Tibet.