Military option on table if talks fail says CDS Bipin Rawat on India-China standoff

India’s Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat.

DHARAMSALA, 24 Aug: India’s Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat has said that India has ‘military option’ to deal with Chinese transgressions if talks between the two armies and the diplomatic option fail to yield any results. 

“Transgressions along the LAC occur due to differing perceptions about its alignment. Defence services are tasked to monitor and carry out surveillance and prevent such transgressions turning into intrusions. Whole of government approach is adopted to peacefully resolve any such activity and prevent intrusions. Defence services always remain prepared for military actions should all efforts to restore status quo along the LAC do not succeed,” Hindustan Times quoted General Rawat as saying.

India’s CDS has made the remarks at the backdrop of ongoing Indo-China standoff which escalated since April-May over the transgressions by the Chinese Army in multiple areas including Finger area, Galwan valley, Hot springs and Kongrung Nala but stopped short of disclosing operational details. 

Since then, several rounds of military and diplomatic talks were held between India and China including five Lieutenant General-level talks that have failed to yield any results so far.

On the failed military and diplomatic talks, the report stated that though efforts are on to “first totally disengage and then de-escalate but the PLA is seen to be dragging its feet as the issue has a domestic political resonance.”

General Rawat, who was army chief during the 73-day military standoff in Doklam against the PLA in 2017 has further stated that India is assessing multiple options to restore the status quo in the region.

“Defence minister Rajnath Singh, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and all those responsible for national security are reviewing all options with the objective that PLA restores status quo ante in Ladakh.”

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