Nepali Youth protests before Chinese embassy in Kathmandu over encroachment

DHARAMSALA, 23 Sept: Protesting against China’s encroachment, Hundreds of protesters have rallied outside the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

The protestors, made up largely of Nepali youths hit the streets shouting slogans against China such as ‘Stop Border Encroachment’, ‘Return the Encroached Nepali Land’, ‘Open Nepal-China Border’, ‘Down with Chinese Imperialism,’ Khabarhub reported.

China has reportedly encroached into Nepal’s territory by illegally constructing 9-11 houses in the Nepali territory in Humla district.

According to the report, authorities deployed heavy security personnel around the Chinese Embassy and dispersed the protesters.

However, the report noted that in spite of the ground reality, China has refuted it intruded into Nepal.

Wang Xiaolong, the spokesperson of the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu has claimed in the report that the territory where the building is constructed belongs to China and that Beijing can substantiate their claim.

With a border pillar missing since Nepal built a road in the area several years ago, China has now constructed some buildings, stated a report on The Kathmandu Post.

What used to be a hut in 2005 has now been been developed into 11 buildings in the remote part of the district that Nepal claims as its own territory, the report said citing Dattaraj Hamal, assistant chief district officer of Humla.

After Nepali officials reached the disputed site on Sunday, used a microphone to talk with Nepali officials and asked them to go to the border for talks, according to Bishnu Bahadur Tamang, chair of Namkha Rural Municipality.

Taming who was among the government officials dispatched by the Nepal’s Home ministry to the disputed  site to inspect and report back to the ministry stated in the report that they were greeted by a team of Chinese security personnel who told them to go to the border for talks through a loudspeaker.

The report noted that the officials spent around one and a half hours at the disputed area where both the sides claimed the area to be their territory and the the discussion ending with the Chinese army and security officials declaring talks cannot be held on their territory.

Nepal is accompanied by Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Singapore, Brunei, Bhutan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar and India as China has 17 primary territorial conflicts with other countries.

Disturbed by the news, Kamal Thapa, the president of Nepal’s royalist party, the Rastriya Prajatantra Party has called on the Nepalese Prime Minister to make the details of China’s encroachment public and to take immediate steps “to repatriate the Chinese from the encroached land.”

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