Organiser of All India Tibetan Student’s Association Meet appeals for support

DHARAMSALA, July 18: The organising committee  of All India Tibetan Student’s Association Meet(AITASM) has appealed for help from Tibetan masses and organizations as they fall short of finance and human resources for Rangzen Rolling.

The 14th edition of Rangzen Rolling, an inter-college sports, literary and cultural competition among Tibetan students across the length and breadth of India is left in limbo owing to insufficient funds and human resources, but the organizers are undeterred by the constraints.

“The AITASM 2018 which includes Intellectual Program, Cultural and Sports competition will be held either at the end of September or beginning of October for three days in Bylakuppee Tibetan settlement,” Lharong President of AITASM organising committee said at a press conference held earlier today at the Hotel Tibet here in Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala.

The organisers estimate the expenses of the meet to around 5,60,000 rupees but they were able to raise only 75,000 rupees from donations so far, and this has made it impossible for them to fix a date for the AITASM.

“This meet has been the single most popular platform where students can showcase their passions and talents and also exchange their ideas in their area of education and expertise,” the president of AITASM said and added, “the meet has proved to be a terrific opportunity to students and for the Tibetan cause. We sincerely request generous individuals and groups for donations and financial assistance in any way possible.”

Lharong was flanked by Rinchen Wangyal and Tenzin Rangdol, AITASM’s General Manager and Cashier at the press conference. AITASM has chipped in, voluntarily to organise the inter-college meet as Tibetan Students’ Association of Madras (TSAM) announced that they won’t be able to organise this year’s Rangzen Rolling as it marks TSAM’s silver jubilee and owing to the nuisance of the decrease in its members and its financial position.

“Over the last few years the number Tibetan students in Madras has declined and it has become increasingly difficult for TSAM to raise fund for the continuation of the meet. Since no particular student association has shown interest, here we are a few students willing to take the risk of hosting the meet,” AITASM said.

Further, the organisers also highlighted the averseness of some Tibetan students to become members of student associations, and unwillingness from those who do to shoulder responsibility when elected to posts and concluded by urging parents and community members to advise on the importance of doing service for the common good.

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