Pro-Tibet French activist held in detention during world cup final

Hugus Pican in the Luzhniki Stadium jail in Moscow. Image: Hugus Pican’s Facebook

DHARAMSALA, July 16: A French man has been detained by the authorities in Russia and barred from attending the 2018 World Cup final match for carrying the Tibetan national flag and wearing a French team jersey with “Dalai Lama” written on the back.

Hugus Pican, an activist who supports Tibetan cause had to sit in a cell and missed his country’s world cup final success as French beat Croatia 4-2 for their second world cup trophy.

The French man, in spite of having tickets for the final of the world cup, was arrested and detained in the Luzhniki Stadium jail in Moscow, for carrying the Tibetan national flag and wearing a French team jersey with ‘Dalai Lama’ written on the back of a 1998 French jersey.

“Disgusted I miss the game. Proud because it’s for our cause.” “Putin is afraid of the Dalai Lama,” the activist said in a series of Facebook post from his cell and further enquired about the score of the game.

Earlier during the semi-final match between France and Belgium, the activist attended the match wearing a 1998 French jersey with ‘Dalai Lama’ written on the back and shared some pictures while watching the live match holding the Tibetan National flag and Team Tibet’s jersey.

Hugus Pican inside the stadium during France vs Belgium semi-final.

The activist’s arrest caused an uproar on the social media where supports poured in for the French man from Tibetans and foreigners alike who expressed admiration for his effort while they expressed concern for his wellbeing and disappointment to the Moscow for the suppression.

Though Hugues Picon missed the Final where his country lifted the World Cup for the 2nd time after first tasting the success in 1998, 20 years ago, it is being reported that Hugues Picon has been released after the game and sent to the French Embassy in Moscow.

“Well, I’m at the French Embassy,” the activist said in his Facebook post twelve hours ago.

Though the activist was detained and released by the police, according to his latest Facebook post, the Russian Federal Security Service(FSB) has blocked his passport for some unknown reason and he was further advised to go to the airport earlier to report to the FSB and answer their questions in order to not miss his plane.

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