Pema Doma appointed new Executive Director of SFT

SFT’s New Executive Director(ED) Pema Doma(C) along with former ED Dorjee Tseten and Board Chair Kelly Turley at the SFT New York Longsho event on 20 August 2022. Image: SFT Facebook.

DHARAMSALA, 31 Aug: Students for a Free Tibet(SFT) on Tuesday appointed Pema Doma as its new Executive Director.

“Please join us in welcoming and congratulating Pema Doma as the incoming Executive Director,” the student group announced in a Facebook post adding that declared that “after five amazing, action-filled years, Dorjee Tseten stepped down as SFT’s Executive Director.”

Pema Doma who is currently working as the SFT’s Campaigns Director will now succeed Dorjee Tseten as the SFT’s Executive Director this week, SFT added.

SFT has described its new Executive Director as “the ideal leader to build and further SFT’s accomplishments and progress from the past five years.”

“Pema is uniquely prepared to usher in SFT’s next phase with even greater energy, purpose, global reach, and cross-movement collaborations.” It added.

Currently, a Master’s candidate at American University studying economics, Pema started her journey with the SFT in 2016 as a Campaigns Intern for SFT International in New York. Following her internship, she co-founded an SFT chapter at her university and served as the chapter’s first President.

Pema then rejoined the SFT International team as the USA Grassroots Coordinator in 2019 following her internship with US Congressman Jim McGovern and US Senator Elizabeth Warren.

SFT, an international organization known for its innovative ways of advocating for a free Tibet has maintained that “during his tenure, Dorjee ensured that SFT not only survived but thrived” and further commended its former Executive Director for transforming the organisation into a strong financial footing and making sure SFT remained at the forefront of the Tibetan Freedom Movement.

The student group has also credited him for his “leadership”, which it maintained transformed “SFT into the centre of global cross-movement collaborations on human rights and climate justice.”

Founded in New York City by a group of Tibetans and young students and supporters on the bedrock of the critical role students and young people have played in freedom struggles throughout history in 1994,  SFT has now grown into an international network of students and non-students in more than 35 countries.

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