Poems that led to Tibetan monk’s disappearance become available

DHARAMSALA, May 16: Several poems written in Tibetan language by Choeying Kalden, a 20-yr-old Tibetan monk of Tsendhen monastery in Sog county in Nagchu region of traditional Kham province, who was arrested by Chinese officials on March 16 have now surfaced in exile.

Choeying was arrested for circulating his writings challenging Chinese rule in Tibet among his friends as well as members of the Chinese work team stationed at his monastery.

undated photo of Choeying Kalden
undated photo of Choeying Kalden

Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD), a Tibetan rights group based in Dharamsala has translated and edited some of Choeying’s poems written under the pen name Sog Trug (Eng: Sog Child).

Following is TCHRD’s English translation of one of the poems Choeying circulated in which he fearlessly condemns China’s recent flag campaign, asserts Tibetan identity and expresses solidarity with the Tibetan self immolators, musicians and scholars who sacrificed their lives for freedom.




It is karma that communists stamped their footprints
On the stone pillar of the white snow mountains
It is karma that communists are losing their ground
In today’s world of information and technology

You may own the doors of our mouth and tongue
But our heart shall always belong to the Lama
The five-starred red flag may be hoisted on the Land of Snows
But the symbol of Tibet will be the Snow Lion

Surrounded by hubris and lies the communist hordes
Indulge in trickery as the wind of change blows
Day and night they spew lies masquerading as news
Witnessing them our hearts swell with pride

The path of democracy that the world treads today
Has become the yoke of the Chinese Communist authorities
This victorious non-violent resistance
Is the glory of the red-faced Tibetan people

Call me a narcissist hungry for name and fame
Or an ignoramus pretending to be wise
I have made this pledge to advocate to the world
The joy and suffering of the red-faced Tibetan people

The martyrs who offer their bodies to fire
Musicians who compose songs of joy and suffering
Scholars who pursue freedom through pen
For them I shall always offer Mani. 

My body belongs to Tibet
My mind belongs to Tibet
I whose body and mind belong to Tibet
Shall never loosen my fist of solidarity

Choeying has disappeared since his arrest on March 16 this year. His condition and whereabouts still remain unknown.

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