Police: No lead yet in attempt to blow up buildings in Dharamsala

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, Feb 27: The police are yet to find any lead as it investigates on the deliberate attempt to blow up two buildings here in Dharamsala.

An elaborate plan involving gas cylinders, petrol and plucked in-room heater to deliberately blow up two buildings located at the foot of the Nechung Monastery in Gangchen Kyishong was reported on the evening of Feb 23.

“The matter is being carefully investigated but we haven’t found any lead yet. No one seems to have seen anything. Neither any suspect nor any lead was reported to the police by the landlord of the buildings or the tenants of the rental property,” Sunil Kumar, Station Head Officer (SHO) of Dharamsala told Tibet Express.

Upon investigating, the police have discovered that the two room heaters were brought from outside as the brand (Monex) is not being sold in any store across Dharamsala. Similarly, other angles police have investigated seems to have reached a dead end.

The police further stated that forced entry was made through the ventilator of the rooms to possibly execute an elaborate plan to blow up the buildings. The motive of the act and the culprit are still unknown.

Fourteen people were in the two buildings when the deliberate attempt to blow up the buildings was foiled. No arrests have been made so far; further investigations are on.

Three gas cylinders (Indane) covered with a red flooring carpet facing a plucked in-room heater along with a 5-litre petrol was planted in a room rented by a Tibetan while another gas cylinder was found facing a plucked in-room heater beside a 15-litre petrol on the ground floor of the adjacent building rented by a foreigner. Both the tenants of the room were out of station for a while and it is not known who hatched the elaborate plan to blow up the buildings.

A friend of the Tibetan tenant who visited his room to drop some belongings of the tenant discovered the odd items lying in the room to possibly blow up earlier on Feb 24, around 6 pm and the matter was reported to the local police.

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