Relentless pursuit of justice: Gonpo Kyi beaten by Chinese police yet again

Relentless pursuit of justice: Gonpo Kyi beaten by Chinese police yet again. Image: Tibet Times.

DHARAMSALA, 25 Aug: Highlighting the ongoing struggle for justice in Chinese-occupied Tibet, Gonpo Kyi, the sister of the imprisoned Tibetan philanthropist and businessman Dorjee Tashi, has reportedly been beaten by Chinese police once again.

As per the Tibet Times, the incident occurred on 23 August, as Kyi staged a peaceful protest outside the Lhasa Intermediate People’s Court while continuing to fight for justice for her incarcerated brother.

According to the report, Kyi was detained by Chinese police during the protest. However, upon her release, her body reportedly bore extensive bruises, leaving her black and blue.

Furthermore, due to the severity of the beating, Kyi was allegedly unable to walk without assistance.

Kyi has consistently and passionately demonstrated against the Chinese authorities on behalf of her incarcerated brother, Dorjee Tashi, who was convicted and imprisoned under circumstances that she and numerous human rights organizations deem unfair.

Earlier, on 1 August, she was also beaten by authorities outside the notorious Drapchi prison in Lhasa after she appealed to the Chinese authorities for a promised meeting, which unfortunately never took place.

Her brother Dorjee Tashi was once a successful hotelier businessman involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors. Following the 2008 pan-Tibetan uprising in Lhasa, he was arrested and sentenced to life in prison on trumped-up charges, without proper trials.

Gonpo Kyi and other family members have made multiple attempts to initiate the appeal process for a re-trial with the concerned Chinese authorities, but their efforts have yielded no results. Despite the arrests, beatings, and threats she has received from Chinese authorities, she continues to steadfastly seek justice for her brother.

The sibling duo, Dorjee Tashi and Gonpo, were honored with the 2023 ‘Trulku Tenzin Delek Rinpoche Medal of Courage.’

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